Do you desire a flexible, rewarding, lifestyle business,
creating and delivering your own products or services?

Big Vision, Baby Steps is a unique and
rewarding journey towards creating what
you know, deep inside, you’re here to create.

You'll learn how to create a Purpose Driven,
Creative Lifestyle Business and enjoy the
freedom to live life the way you choose.

  • It’s a step-by step, creative approach to a tried and tested process, that’s enjoyable fun and personally rewarding.
  • As you follow each path, you’ll define your personal calling, develop a purposeful business and create an authentic brand.
  • You’ll be able to share what you do from a place of confidence and clarity and enjoy a daily sense of inner calm and peace that comes from knowing your life is driven by joy and filled with purpose.

Get everything you need to kickstart your creative business

Join the Big Vision Baby Steps 'Kickstart' Program

Enrolment now open starting 1st October 2017


With ongoing support, inspiration and lessons on creating a purpose-driven, creative lifestyle business. You’ll get business planning templates, case studies, coaching sheets and more tools that you can apply directly and immediately to your business and in your life.


4 week introduction to the full Big Vision Baby Steps E-Course.

Delivered over 4 weeks, this will give you the clarity you need to gain real momentum in your life and towards developing your own business and brand. Includes video tutorials plus all the extra material associated with the E-course including more tools and templates to assist your learning.


This beautifully designed and illustrated book will be your creative guide to your learning journey with creative exercises, education, tips and direct lessons.


A printed visual snapshot of the whole journey to follow so you won’t get lost on the road to creating your vision, including 90 steps on 18 paths.


Each week for 3 weeks, we'll meet with other like-minded Big Vision Makers and discuss where you're at with your journey and help you move forward to the next step.


“I started walking down a path and it was narrow. My choices felt limited. Now it’s forked off in multiple directions and I can see so much more opportunity for my life, my future and I’m excited by it all”

This is a journey for the doers, the creative thinkers, the ideas people. The conscious, visionary people that want a platform to make an impact in the world. The ones who struggle with ...

This program will give you the clarity you seek to
release you from the STOP/START dilemma

Find a new perspective on what STOP/START means for you

Stop Struggling - Start Creating
Stop Worrying - Start Visioning
Stop doubting - Start Doing

If you're seeking to find an outlet for your creativity, a better way of life that allows for more creativity, more self-expression and more freedom, then I encourage you to start exploring now. Don't wait for some magical day to appear when the 'time is right'. Don't worry about what others think, or whether it's going to appease the people around you. Make a choice for yourself, find the path that lights you up, that inspires you, that you were destined to take. I'll show you how I created a life that allows me to share my creativity, my knowledge, my ideas and gives me the freedom and flexibility to live in England and Australia, to work from anywhere and to enjoy the people I work with.

On the Big Vision Baby Steps Kickstart Program you will get

Your own 330 page beautifully designed and illustrated,
A5 printed hard-bound book.

On the Big Vision Baby Steps Kickstart Program you will get

Access to the online platform for
support, guidance, templates and training

The online portal gives you any-time access to a wide range of personal, business and brand-building tools, template and valuable other resources.

With its user friendly interface, you can access a wide range of case studies, templates, tools and training to assist you with your learning.

Case Studies
Stories from real-life people who are building their dream business using these tools.


Access to a full suite of business and brand building templates I use with my personal clients that you can immediately apply to your business

Awareness Sheets
A suite of creative exercise templates that you can use as interactive pdf's or as printed guides to explore the various steps on the learning journey.

Business & Brand Building Tools

Access to a huge range of tools that I've developed over 30 years whilst building brands for a multitude of companies. Tools that will give you insight into how some of the most successful companies build their brands and make your life so much easier.

On the Big Vision Baby Steps Kickstart Program you will get

the first three paths on the Big Vision Baby Steps E-Course

Kick-start your creative business by developing a
clear and compelling vision

Give your business and life the kick-start it needs

I'll personally guide you through finding personal, business and brand clarity, which is the first section of the program.

Without clarity, you're fumbling in the dark and doubting each step, or not even taking any steps.

This four weeks will give you fresh new insights into your personal, business and brand direction and as a result, you'll feel confident in your next steps and calm in the knowing that you've got a system and a pathway to follow, with an ongoing guide to help you stay on track.

Here's what you'll do over the four weeks

You'll get to explore clarity from a whole new perspective

Week One.

What truly makes you happy.

Create a vision of how you want you life to be.

Week Two.

Find what you care about enough to commit to.

Something you can deliver with conviction.

Week Three.

Make sure you are being seen and heard for who you really are.

Week Four.

The last week we'll spend crafting a personal vision that becomes your 'Big Why' and will be at the heart of what you do.

It will be what guides your decisions in your personal and business and be what motivates you to continue taking baby steps every day.

On the Big Vision Baby Steps Kickstart Program you will get

A Visual guide to follow through your journey

Get the whole Big Vision Baby Steps journey in one visual snapshot. It's a beautifully illustrated, printed piece, showing you the complete pathway including the breakdown of each step on the journey – 90 steps on 18 paths.

Building a business and a brand takes time and it's a long path with many steps. That's why I created a journey guide that will allow you to see every step before you set out.

Journeying anywhere new is best enjoyed with a guide, someone who's been there before and this visual snapshot gives you a place to return to when the road gets a bit bumpy and you might be questioning where you're at. Simply take a look at the map reassures you that you're on the right path and you can continue in peace and confidence.

Follow the guide and you won't get lost on the road to creating your vision,

On the Big Vision Baby Steps Kickstart Program you will get

3 Weekly Workshops to connect and collaborate

You'll get to discuss where you're at right now in your life - whether you have a business, are in set-up mode or are still planning your direction, these weekly meetings will ensure that you get started on the right path and that you get the maximum benefit from your 4 week kickstart program. The power of connecting with like-minded Big Vision Makers will inspire and motivate you to take courageous steps in the direction of your dreams.

And don't worry, if you can't make the meetings, you can choose to join in online.

After the four weeks you will:

You'll have more clarity than you've ever had about how you want to live your life.

Be clear about your Big Why.

What motivates you.

What drives you.

You'll know how to create a life where your personal desires and business goals are aligned.


You'll be confident in your choices - knowing you're focusing on something you really care about

You'll have a new-found sense of calm with a tried and tested system to follow - a book, a map a whole journey to follow moving forward.

And you'll have continued access to the Big Vision Book Club - with all of the resources and tools at your fingertips to keep learning and moving forward with your big vision.

What happens at the end of the four weeks?

You'll enjoy ongoing support for and guidance as a full member of the Big Vision Baby Steps Online Book Club

You can continue your business and brand building journey at your own pace by following the pathway in the book, your guide and using the tools on the Big Vision Book Club Portal. You enjoy 12 months access to the tools and training available on the Online Portal.


You can choose to stay in full-swing and carry on with the full E-Course and access the complete and comprehensive suite of learning tools. You'll get more guided support, more personal, business and brand coaching and intensive teaching with me and my team to ensure you reach your goals quicker and stay on your true path.

What really makes this program different?

It’s a totally unique, comprehensive and structured
personal development, business development and brand development program.

Delivering a unique combination of education, inspiration and learning,
in a holistic journey of personal and business growth.

The complete journey

There's 6 sections

18 'Paths'

90 'Steps'

If you know that you won’t settle until you find your true creative purpose
and follow it whole-heartedly, don’t waste another minute on anything else that isn’t
fully aligned - zone in and get on with your true creative path

Start your holistic journey of self-awareness,
self expression & personal fulfilment

Join a group of Big Vision Makers on the Kickstart Program and claim freedom in life, by creating a purpose-driven, creative lifestyle business.

I had a lack of belief in my own creativity. I didn’t think I was creative at all! Now I know that I am absolutely creative, I have created so many new aspects in my life and business. Every day I feel more confident in knowing that this is the thing I am supposed to be doing and this program only re-enforces that

Meet the author, Sandy Archer

I’ve worked with hundreds of people building brands… Coached people to clarity in their business and life. And I know how much passion, perseverance and persistence it takes to keep going.

It’s not just about design, marketing and management, it’s about creating and delivering unique and valuable talents and ideas to the people that need them the most. It’s about a complete, creative journey towards creating what you know, deep inside, you’re here to create. And It’s also about enjoying that journey and accepting that it will take time and that every step is valuable and cherished and should be embraced as part of life’s big and beautiful picture, not as a drudgery and doubt and constant questions of - why am I not there yet!

There’s a lot of personal growth, tenacity, faith, courage, commitment and creativity required to get anything off the ground.

That’s why I’ve invested a year of my time to translate everything I’ve learned from working with these passionate professionals, and created a book with a supporting program, that takes you through the whole journey, from clarity to calm and everything in between.

This book will help you manage the ups and downs, see the road when the path gets fuzzy. Choose the right steps that will give you the most traction. Save your precious time and energy and direct it towards what matters most. Stop you running around in circles, get you unstuck and propel you forward.

You’ll learn precious skills that will enhance your life and ensure that you’re taking baby steps every day towards what you most want to create in your life. And I’ll be there every step of the way supporting you with as much guidance as I can to make sure you have a successful and enjoyable journey.

FAQ' s

Q. I don't have a business, is it something I can start without having a business yet?

A. Absolutely. If you have a vision, a passion, a concept, a skill that can be turned into a business, then you need a brand. Get started and your business will begin to evolve.

Q. Does it work for any kind of business?

A. Yes. If you have a business then you have a brand. I’ve worked with all types of businesses from funeral parlours to bakers, executive coaches to accountants. Any service, any product, any profession, this program will build your brand and build value into what you offer, so ultimately you can raise your profile and your prices.

Q. You keep mentioning a 'creative' business – I'm not creative

A. When I say creative, or talking about setting up a creative business - I'm not referring just to artistic types or creative professionals – although this program does work exceptionally well for those people. I'm talking about creating your own business that allows you to create your own life, rather than dishing out what life gives you. About using your talents, skills and strengths towards being creative in whatever form that means for you.

Q. I don't have any business skills, will I manage the content?

A. Yes. It's for people with little or no business experience, you'll learn as you go.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 DAYS to see if the Big Vision Baby Steps Book Club is right for you.

If you complete the Kickstart four week program and don't believe you have gained $295 in value that you can apply to your life and/or business just let us know and we’ll gladly give you a FULL REFUND. (conditions apply)

Lets' Do This!!!

If you’re ready to share your work with the world, I can’t wait to take you step-by-step through what’s worked for me. It’s been a journey of incredible growth and I'm so excited to help you through your own journey now. Let me help you be seen and heard for being you.