There are 3 fundamental reasons creative visionaries get stressed, stay stuck in the start/stop trap and potentially give up on their big business vision!

Trying to be seen and heard - but ready to crawl into a hole and give up?
Getting confused in the chaos and losing yourself amongst all the noise?
Got a big business vision? Struggling to make it clear and make it real?

I'll share with you a simple 3-step formula to get fresh clarity now

(because deep down, you know that giving up is not an option)

Hi, I’m Sandy Archer and I’m probably a lot like you ... I’m highly creative, slightly obsessed and completely committed to living up to my own creative potential and I want to live a life less ordinary. Of course living a life less ordinary is not without its ups and downs. I’d like to share with you briefly how I got where I am right now - and what has brought me to creating this Big Vision Baby Steps journey that I support other creative visionaries on.

Nearly 20 years ago I walked away from a successful design and marketing company, which had lost its sizzle. I’d spent years building this business but somewhere along the way, it had lost its joy and I was looking for something that resonated and made me feel whole. For many years, I pursued different paths, but each time I tried to follow through, I didn’t really care enough to do what I knew it would take to make it work. So I’d start again and each time I got pushed and pulled, overwhelmed with learning different ways to be seen and heard; always trying to fit in  - but at the same time trying to stand out!

Having already been in business and knowing what it takes to keep it going, I was looking for something I could sustain and that would sustain me. I hated the start/stop trap I’d slipped into. I was listening to my fears & doubts - which way is right? which way is best? I was stressed and stuck in equal quantities!

But I knew deep down, I had something unique to share. I had a deep desire to create and deliver what was in my head. I knew that - as a stubborn Capricorn - if I didn’t, I’d actually rather die trying than die without trying. But at this point I was really frustrated with my lack of clarity. I’d go to events and waffle until people’s eyes glazed over. I’d build website after website trying to articulate what I was thinking and attract a vague audience with a fluffy offering. And I dug myself more into a hole until I realised I’d LOST MY WAY - LOST MY WHY.

I needed clarity badly. I needed to know what I could stick to, how to make my business sustainable - emotionally, physically and financially. I had to get clear on a few basic but essential things:

  • What I wanted to do with my precious time.
  • What I truly enjoyed.
  • What was meaningful to me.
  • And how I wanted to deliver it.

So I went through an extended period of self-awareness to get to know myself again. I learned to be myself before I could effectively share myself. As I became clearer, I worked out there were three elements I needed to line up to make it work - to make it stick. I'd like to share those elements with you now as a simple formula you can apply to your own life right now. I promise if you take the time to apply this formula to your life, you can find that elusive clarity that you're seeking to get the momentum to create and deliver what you came here to create.

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