Following your true creative path in business

If you have a business, but you want MORE than just a business … You might be looking for an AdVenture!

I have a problem with the words ‘business’. I didn’t aspire to be a business person. I know people who are business people and they love ‘doing business’ – but for me and many others, the word ‘business’ doesn’t conjure up good vibes or inspire them to take the business path. I much prefer the ideas of having, or creating, and AdVenture. That’s a Venture with some Added fun, freedom and creativity!

The whole idea of being in business can be a bit scary, it can mean freedom – if you do it right. If you get it wrong it can be far from freedom giving.

Let’s look at a business from a different perspective to start with:

A business is “an organisational entity involved in the provision of goods and services to consumers”.

Here’s some other words you might like to explore in the context of business:

Pursuit • Activity • Life’s Work • Vocation • Walk of life • Enterprise • Purpose • Venture • Work

For me, it’s all about having my business work for me and having a business that delivers more and gives me more than money. I am happy to say that I now have a ‘FREEDOM-DRIVEN’ BUSINESS; one that offers you a lifestyle, purpose and allows you to pursue your passion.

This is MY definition of business as I like it …

A platform for self-expression, an outlet for creativity, a purposeful venture that delivers more than money. A venture that lights you up and brings you freedom, purpose, joy and personal fulfilment whilst delivering something of immense value to the world.

DO YOU HAVE A BUSINESS – but you want MORE than just a business …

  • Maybe you have a business but it’s not ticking the boxes
  • You’re still in a business doing something that doesn’t light you up any more
  • You see so much more potential for you business and you want to change it
  • Or maybe you don’t really want a business, you want an outlet for your creativity or a platform to share your ideas.
  • You just want to spend your days doing what you enjoy, what lights you up and make a GOOD living out of it not just get by
  • And you want to be able to express yourself fully and openly, helping people that appreciate you and value you

If I just wanted a business, I’d be where I was 15 years ago – running a what would anyone would consider to be a successful design and marketing agency. With a staff of 15 and an enviable client base, it was by anyone’s standards – a good business. A successful business in the heart of a major city.

So why was I not happy? Why did I look for more? Why did I walk out one day and never look back?

Because I was seeking a freedom driven business. A business that was an AD-VEnture…

The thing is, many people just don’t BELIEVE that it’s possible to create a business like that. My mission is to dispel that belief and help creative entrepreneurs break free of beliefs around business that might be holding them back from finding and following their true creative path.


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