Take your next steps with fresh clarity and more confidence

A series of enlightening workshops that will address the key challenges creative entrepreneurs face in creating and sustaining a lifestyle, a business and a brand.


I’ll show you a real pathway that can guide you towards unleashing your creativity to the world - one step at a time.

  • Scenic Rim
  • TBA
  • 1pm - 4pm
  • Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm
  • 168 Bells Road, Mount Alford, QLD, 4310
  • Tamborine Mountain
  • Saturday March 17th - 2018
  • 2pm - 5pm
  • Hosted by Lauren Mooney
  • 39 Normandie Court, Tamborine Mountain

"If you're seeking to find an outlet for your creativity, a better way of life that allows for more creativity, more self-expression and more freedom, then I encourage you to start exploring now.

Don't wait for some magical day to appear when the 'time is right'. Don't worry about what others think, or whether it's going to appease the people around you.

Make a choice for yourself, find the path that lights you up, that inspires you, that you were destined to take. I'll show you how I created a life that allows me to share my creativity, my knowledge, my ideas and gives me the freedom and flexibility to live in England and Australia, to work from anywhere and to enjoy the people I work with."

Sandy Archer

STEPPING OUT? Are you working in a job or have a business that you don’t like, but scared to set a new course? Do you have ideas but can’t seem to get them off the ground? Maybe you have a blurry vision of a venture that you’d like to explore but need to get some clarity on whether it’s a business or a hobby? Or have you got stuff that you’ve created, designed or  developed and it’s just sitting there waiting to be discovered?

OR STEPPING UP? Maybe you have a business you want to get to the next level and you need a fresh injection of inspiration and direction. You’ve set out on a course, got a vision but need some support to make the right decisions and know that you’re focused on the right things to get you where you want to go. If you’re getting overwhelmed by looking to far ahead and doubting your direction,

Meet my Big Vision Partners


Robyn has a background in healthcare and mental health and is a trained counsellor and energy healer.  She focuses on understanding the connection between body, mind and spirit. You can experience her healing through the release of held emotions in the body that are keeping you blocked from moving forward with your creative dreams. Robyn and Jess host a workshop at their delightful studio in Tamborine Mountain, and provide support and clarity to those seeking a more purposeful path in life. 

"When beginning this program I felt our business would be made up primarily of massage and healing. We had a sort of vision of what we wanted. This program have given us so much clarity about what it is we want. We now have a clear vision and are established in moving our enterprise in an exciting direction. I'm excited to be part of the Big Vision team helping others find and live their true passion".

Sally Hart vibrant graphic works have an ephemeral, fun quality; it is spontaneous, and full of movement and style. Much of her inspiration and techniques have been developed through her travels in Indonesia and Mexico. Sal’s creative approach to her work will help you explore your life from a fresh perspective and realise that anything is possible as we go about creating ‘something from nothing!


Sandy Archer has worked for 30 years in the creative industry as a business/brand consultant and creative director.  Her book Be Seen Be Heard For Being You and the accompanying program; Big Vision Baby Steps helps creative entrepreneurs gain clarity, become more conscious, build confidence and create a platform that delivers themselves and their ideas into the world.