Let's Explore the Map

If you've taken a look at your map, you'll see, it’s quite a journey, (18 paths and 90 steps!) but each and every step is a valuable opportunity to learn and grow, either personally, in your business or through developing your brand.  Today I thought I’d start by breaking it down and introducing you to the various stages you’ll get to enjoy.  Firstly, you'll see it's broken down into 3 colours - that’s 3 key learning stages where you’ll learn how to:

  • Know Yourself. 
  • Be Yourself.
  • Share Yourself.

Let’s explore each one quickly to give you an outline of what each one offers and how you will learn it.


We start here because clarity really is at the heart of everything you do. Knowing what you love, what you care about, what you enjoy and truly what inspires you, will drive you forward with everything you do in life.

It will be the fuel that burns inside and keeps you going when things get tough. It will be the guiding light that you follow when you start to question your path. It will be the pillar by which you make your decisions and it will be the joy and purpose that brings meaning to your life every single day. And when you really know yourself, you can make conscious choices around your life, how you spend your time and create a business and brand that reflects that.

CREATIVE living + CONFIDENT delivery

How do you learn how to 'be yourself?' by focusing on what you want to create and building the confidence to get it out there. In this phase, you'll zone in on harnessing your own talents and turning them into a business and a brand that reflects you. You'll build the confidence to stay strong and focus on what matters most to you. Not changing who you are or what you do, what you believe in to suit others but gathering inner strength and calm to make your own decisions based on what you KNOW about yourself.

You'll learn tangible ways how to create the business that suits you and a brand that delivers it to the right people that will value you. And because you're now clear on what your business does and for whom, creating a visual brand that reflects that becomes an enjoyable and rewarding project. Pulling together a team and creating the whole package comes together with a satisfying and easy flow.

Stay CONNECTED + Inner & outer CALM

So often this is the place that people like to skip to straight away. You might have an idea and want to make it happen. Your project gets launched out there to the world and it's all exciting and new. Sometimes, though, the messages are not clear, because you're not clear. A lot of hard work and money is wasted because the approach is not well thought out and with an ad-hoc approach, the results are just not there. You end up with a web site that you're STILL not happy with and a sketchy plan to manage it all in frustrating bits and pieces.

If you've followed stages one and two, by the time you get to this phase, you're so much clearer about WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW to get it out there becomes so much easier. You'll begin to see everything coming together visually and practically, and you can see the vision starting to take shape. Every step you take is well considered and moving you calmly towards your end goal. And the best thing? You're doing what you love every day, so spending time working is a rewarding pleasure.