Finding Clarity Daily – How to feel good about your next steps

Clarity doesn’t just come and stay, it’s something we have to keep getting. If we’re clear about things, generally we feel happy right? We’re confident about how things are going according to what we want. It gives us a sense of peace and contentment that we’re on the right path. That everything is going to be OK.

But I think the assumption is that clarity should come and stay like a shining beacon guiding our way. That we will consistently feel good about our life and have a strong direction. We think we should know what we’re here for, what our purpose is, what life is all about. We want to know that we are safe and secure and that our family is provided for. We want to wake up and bounce out of bed like a 5 year old with not a care in the world, full of energy and vitality and pumped about the day ahead. That means we know exactly how the day will go, we’ve got it fully planned and we feel super confident and ready to enjoy and get on with our life full of confidence and vigour!

I guess you might have worked out that our days are not always like that. I know mine aren’t. Even though I’m following own path, making my own choices and living the way I want to, some days they are still fuzzy or a bit fearful. Some days we struggle to get out of bed at all.

The key is to re-commit and the way to do that is regain clarity.

Clarity to me is many things and takes many forms:
* It’s gaining a new perspective on life and how we’re living it.
* It’s appreciating where we are at right now, what we have and seeing things how they really are.
* It’s stopping and seeing, feeling and hearing – it’s using all our senses to enjoy life as best we can.
* Sometimes we have to stop focusing on where we’re going and just be with where we’re at – and that’s clarity too.
Clarity is not just seeing things as they are but also tuning in or changing how you feel about how they are.

It’s not just about being able to look forward and KNOW where we’re going, because sometimes we don’t. In fact we never truly know where we’re going, we only ever FEEL a certain way about where we think we’re going.

We mostly like to feel comfortable, or confident or calm about where we’re going. The good news we can always do that if we take the time to find our way again. We might not have control over exactly what happens and when, but we always have control about how we FEEL about it.

I like to regain my clarity daily by doing a few simple things to re-commit and re-tune in with where I’m at right now.

The whole of Path 1 is about self-awareness and finding fresh clarity in what you’re doing and how you’re being. They’re not things you do once and then say I’ve done it, what next. They are things that need to be woven into your life and enjoyed regularly. I have built these five activities into my lifestyle.

Sometimes I think we chastise ourselves unfairly for having to do the same things over and over again. But in truth, that’s how life is. We have to eat, move, breathe, exercise every day. So to have to include a few other rituals that bring us back into good and happy space is not unrealistic.

Try enjoying the five steps from my personal clarity path and build them into your routine.

1. Wake-up slow down. Take the time to reflect on your feelings
2. Create a morning ritual, that allows you to put the joy back into what you’re doing and re-commit
3. Find your still space. Don’t avoid being still and hearing what your thoughts are really telling you
4. Check in with your perfect day. Are you already living it?
5. Create, check in or re-create your vision board. Is it somewhere you can see it daily?

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