I hear it often, I don't fit in. I feel different. I don’t feel comfortable. When you feel like this, the tendency is to withdraw and stay within your comfort zone and let life pass you by.

As a person who has spent many an hour alone in favour of going to places I don’t feel comfortable, here’s a few things to ponder on today about fitting in.

  • I figured out a while ago that if you want to stand out, you might not always blend in. And if you want to be seen and heard, or have your work seen and heard, then standing out is exactly what you need!
  • If you’ve got big ideas, or a belief that things can change and you want to cut a track and pave a new path you will need to be different and encourage others to take that path with you. It might not be comfortable, but it will be worth it.
  • If you can’t find it, you might have to go create it! Being a pioneer, or an entrepreneur means creating new stuff. We can’t always expect to find what we want out there, so be prepared to create it for yourself and for others to find!
  • You don't have to fit in to belong. Everyone is different and everyone belongs just as much as everyone else. Just because you’re different, you have no less right to be anywhere, do your thing and say your piece as the next person. Sure, not everyone will get it, or agree - but that’s not the aim. Being yourself is much more important in the long run than trying to squeeze yourself into a one size fits all box.
  • As a creative individual, sometimes we do things that people just don't get. We kinda see things in a different way. We imagine things that aren’t there yet, we visualise stuff before it's happened and that's a real talent. So remember next time  you try and explain what you do, or a new idea and you get that glassy eyed look, or a quick change of subject - not everyone is going to get you. It doesn't mean it's not worth pursuing, it just means that you can see things that others can't - yet, so move on and find someone who does - or just go do it anyway!