If you think life should be more of an adventure,
than a struggling business grind

4 powerful tools to give you the confidence and clarity to unleash your creativity to the world - your way


How to avoid three of the biggest challenges that force
Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs to give up on their creative dreams

The six steps to knowing yourself, being yourself and sharing yourself

The eight golden rules to achieving the kind of brand clarity that gets you seen and heard by the kind of clients who will happily pay you what you're worth


An introduction to the 'Be Seen Be Heard For Being You' book, how to create a platform to release your creativity to the world

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Hi I'm Sandy Archer. I'd like to help you find more joy by living your creative purpose. That means putting what you love at the heart of what you do.

I believe that business is not just about being stressed and struggling to be seen and heard. In fact I don't even believe business should be called 'business' I don't like it. I prefer to think of business as an adventure. Where your 'soul' meets your 'self' and your joy is delivered daily through what you do.

If you're seeking a more fulfilling way of life. You'd like a platform for self-expression, an outlet for your creativity. A purposeful venture that delivers more than money. A pursuit that lights you up and brings you freedom, joy and personal fulfilment while delivering something of value to the world. Then I'd like to show you a way towards achieving that.

This journey that I've personally walked and continue to walk every day, is a journey of personal, business and brand growth - that will ultimately give you a platform to share your creativity with the world - your way. Because that's the only way you should do it. I've worked with hundreds of business owners, all keen to get their stuff out into the world. The biggest thing I see them fail in is failing to follow their own path, trying to do stuff they don't want to do, the way they don't want to do it. Don't fall into this trap. You deserve to live a courageous, amazing and exciting life - not just simply exist day-to-day.

Start with me now by enjoying this Adventure Pack. Because if you're setting out on a path less travelled - and let's face it - no-one has ever done it the way you're about to do it - you're going to need a few essential tools to help you along your way.