As a brand consultant, my job is to create something that inspires not only their clients and customers but also the owner of the business. I always focus on building brands that people can grow into. That inspires them to be more, do more. That delivers more and brings more rewards.

When you’re building a brand, you’re also building your future and that invariably means that you’ll need to grow into it.

If you have a big vision for the creation of something inspiring - which we know you do - you may have to reconsider a few aspects of your life from a new perspective in order to fulfill your desires.

As your business grows, you might not have the experience to take you where you want to go and may need to learn some new skills or gain some more knowledge.

You may need to consider making some changes to your lifestyle or your career, or some other area of your life.

And of course you’re most likely going to have to do something you've not done before - and that will need some courage.

'If you want what you've always got, keep doing what you've always done.'

Attached you’ll find a simple questionnaire that will give you some insights into where you might consider looking at growth in your life or business.


    1. What is holding you back right now in your business?
    2. Is there something you’d like to do but you’re a bit stuck or not sure of the next steps?
    3. Is there something you'd like to change?
    4. What have you been putting off doing? Is there something you keep putting on your to-do list but it never seems to get done?
    5. What is one growth step you’re ready to take in your business?
    6. What is one growth step you’re ready to take in your life?
    7. Are you 100% happy with all areas of your business, or is there room for improvement? If so, what is it?
    8. Are you happy with the rate of growth of your brand? 
    9. Is there a decision you really need to make, but you've been putting off addressing it?
    10. What does your brand promise that maybe you're not delivering on, or could deliver better on?

    Just by asking yourself these questions, you open up the possibilities of growth. If you don't ask, you don't get!