Do you desire a flexible, rewarding, lifestyle business,
creating and delivering your own products or services?

Get clarity on your next steps.
Make conscious decisions in your life
Move forward with making your dreams a reality

Start with me now on this powerful 6 week program and get the clarity you crave and the confidence to deliver what you know deep down you're here to do.

Enrolment to commence shortly, program starting Feb 2018

The first of the series of 3 programs helps you get really clear on
what you want from your life, your business now and in the future.
To ensure you build a business and a brand that aligns with you and what you love
and a lifestyle to support you in delivering it.

We all want to do what we love and create work we're proud of,
the last thing we want to do is give up,
but if you set your business and brand up on the wrong foundations,
the chances are they won't be strong enough to last the distance.

“I started walking down a path and it was narrow. My choices felt limited. Now it’s forked off in multiple directions and I can see so much more opportunity for my life, my future and I’m excited by it all”

This program will give you the clarity you seek to

The perils of creating before you're clear on what you're doing

As a brand consultant, my advice is always to 'get clear before you get creative'. The excitement of setting up something new often takes over and the temptation is to jump straight into the creative phase without really knowing what you're offering and who it's for. Here's 3 things I see ALL THE TIME with passionate business creators who just want to get there stuff out there ...

The world needs what you have to offer - you need to create what's inside waiting to be shared.

This program will help set you up on the right path so you can take the enjoyable, sustainable business journey.

The program includes


Your own 330 page beautifully designed and illustrated, A5 printed hard-bound book.

Be Seen Be Heard For Being You

Not just a book, but a guide journey of self-discovery, self-expression and personal fulfilment, supported by online resources. The book covers the complete step-by-step process delivered in a fun and creative way, that you can access any time.

It's packed with creative exercises to open your mind and bring you fresh awareness and skills.

As you move forward with your learning journey, you can dip in and out of the book and explore different areas of your life, your business and your brand.

Includes delivery within Australia (WA may incur extra costs)


Any-time online access to a resource centre for support, inspiration and lessons on creating a purpose-driven, creative lifestyle business.

Access to the Big Vision Book Club - an online resource centre

You’ll get business planning templates, case studies, coaching sheets and more tools that you can apply directly and immediately to your business and in your life.

Practical and inspirational tips on business, brand and balance - moving your steadily forward with your big vision dreams for your business and your life.

Simple ways of getting you back on your path, thinking clearly, creating joyfully and living calmly.

Stories from real-life people who are building their dream business using these tools.

Access to a full suite of business and brand building templates I use with my personal clients that you can immediately apply to your business.


Get the whole Big Vision Baby Steps journey in one visual snapshot.

Big Vision Journey Guide - a printed resource

Get the whole Big Vision Baby Steps journey in one visual snapshot. It's a beautifully illustrated, printed piece, showing you the complete pathway including the breakdown of each step on the journey – 90 steps on 18 paths.

Building a business and a brand takes time and it's a long path with many steps. That's why I created a journey guide that will allow you to see every step before you set out.

Journeying anywhere new is best enjoyed with a guide, someone who's been there before and this visual snapshot gives you a place to return to when the road gets a bit bumpy and you might be questioning where you're at. Simply take a look at the map reassures you that you're on the right path and you can continue in peace and confidence.

Follow the guide and you won't get lost on the road to creating your vision,


Each week for 6 weeks, you'll get the opportunity to meet with other like-minded Big Vision Makers - either face to face or online. You get to discuss where you're at with your journey and help you move forward to the next step.

3 Live Workshops

The energy and collaboration of a group can never be underestimated. When like-minded souls come together and focus on their own visions, as well as support others in the creation of theirs, the power of creative energy is truly astounding.
You'll get hands-on support from me and my team, to ensure you get complete clarity for your vision so you can move forward with confidence.
*Venue in Brisbane to be confirmed

6 Online Workshops

Enjoy the same level of support and connection, but access from the comfort of your own home - wherever you are in the world!

Here's what you'll do over the six weeks

6 Weeks - 6 Paths of holistic growth for your
Personal, Business and Brand

Week One

What truly makes you happy. Create a vision of how you want you life to be.

Path 1 - Personal Clarity

1. Slow down, look and listen. Make time & space for what matters most and allow space to consider your options

2. Reconnect with simple things. Create more awareness in your life to allow new possibilities and opportunities in

3. Find to hear yourself and make time to find yourself. Enjoy new ways to explore your own personal direction

4. Explore what you’d like to be, do, have and create.

5. Enjoy visioning your future and create a vision board

Week Two

Find what you care about enough to commit to that you can deliver with conviction.

Path 2 - Business Clarity

6. Dreams & Goals. Uncover where your real passions lie, what you really care about and how to weave them into a business with real meaning and purpose

7. Recognise what you really care about, what makes you feel good

8. Define and develop your personal purpose, what gives your life real meaning

9. Identify your strengths, re-write your story and find your spark -  turn them into Unique Selling Points

10. Align your personal purpose with your Business Vision. Create tangible goals and long term objectives for your business and that align with your purpose

Week Three

Make sure you are being seen and heard for who you really are.

Path 3 - Brand Clarity

11. Define your Brand Values

12. Identify who values you. Your ideal customers

13. Listen to what your customer values most, craft a customer questionnaire

14. Identify and craft your Brand Personality

15. Review your current brand with a brand audit

Week Four

Reconnect with your whole self

Path 4 - Personal Conscious

16. Choose knowingly. Align your life and business to your values.

17. Get on a complete wellness journey. What it means to be ‘whole’ and make healthy choices that support yo and build a personal foundation that’s strong enough to carry you forward

18. Tune in to your higher self and find your personal flow.

19. Listen to what you really want, not just what you think you can have

20. Choose an ideal lifestyle that aligns with your personal and brand values
personal and business vision

Week Five

Get to the heart of your business and what it really means to you

Path 5 - Business Conscious

21. Work with what is. Build a business around the constraints and practicalities of your personal position.

22. Identify the heart of the business. How to choose what to focus on in your business, what ticks all the boxes

23. Identify your ideal audience and why that’s important

24. Dig deeper into the heart of your  ideal customer, what they really want

25. Turn your business into a ‘force for good’ in the world to make significant impact and lasting change.

Week Six

Finding your unique Brand Essence

Path 6 - Brand Conscious

26. Find your place. Position yourself in a clear space that identifies the value you deliver.

27. Explore your brand essence, identify what you do best, what your customers really want.

28. Nail your brand essence - the bit that makes you different!

29. Delivering your brand essence

30. Create a promise you can deliver on every day and explore how you can deliver your brand essence

Enrolment now open starting 15th January 2018


How is the program delivered?

A flexible blend of online and live learning, with the opportunity to connect and collaborate every week

You won't be learning on your own
You'll be supported every step of the way - unlike so many other online programs

After the six weeks you will:

You'll have more clarity than you've ever had about how you want to live your life.

You'll be able to make clear and conscious decisions on your next steps from desire not from fear.

Be clear about your Big Why. What motivates you. What drives you. What sustains you.

You'll know how to create a life where your personal desires and business goals are aligned.


You'll be confident in your choices - knowing you're focusing on something you really care about

You'll have a new-found sense of calm with a tried and tested system to follow - a book, a map a whole journey to follow moving forward.

And you'll have continued access to the Big Vision Book Club - with all of the resources and tools at your fingertips to keep learning and moving forward with your big vision.

What really makes this program different?

It’s a totally unique, comprehensive and structured
personal development, business development and brand development program.

Delivering a unique combination of education, inspiration and learning,
in a holistic journey of personal and business growth.




I had a lack of belief in my own creativity. I didn’t think I was creative at all! Now I know that I am absolutely creative, I have created so many new aspects in my life and business. Every day I feel more confident in knowing that this is the thing I am supposed to be doing and this program only re-enforces that

FAQ' s

Q. I don't have a business, is it something I can start without having a business yet?

A. Absolutely. If you have a vision, a passion, a concept, a skill that can be turned into a business, then you need a brand. Get started and your business will begin to evolve.

Q. Does it work for any kind of business?

A. Yes. If you have a business then you have a brand. I’ve worked with all types of businesses from funeral parlours to bakers, executive coaches to accountants. Any service, any product, any profession, this program will build your brand and build value into what you offer, so ultimately you can raise your profile and your prices.

Q. You keep mentioning a 'creative' business – I'm not creative

A. When I say creative, or talking about setting up a creative business - I'm not referring just to artistic types or creative professionals – although this program does work exceptionally well for those people. I'm talking about creating your own business that allows you to create your own life, rather than dishing out what life gives you. About using your talents, skills and strengths towards being creative in whatever form that means for you.

Q. I don't have any business skills, will I manage the content?

A. Yes. It's for people with little or no business experience, you'll learn as you go.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 DAYS to see if the Big Vision Baby Steps program is right for you.

If you complete the six week 'KNOW YOURSELF' program and don't believe you have gained $495 in value that you can apply to your life and/or business just let us know and we’ll gladly give you a FULL REFUND. (conditions apply)

Lets' Do This!!!

If you’re ready to share your work with the world, I can’t wait to take you step-by-step through what’s worked for me. It’s been a journey of incredible growth and I'm so excited to help you through your own journey now. Let me help you be seen and heard for being you.