Get the clarity you crave to gain real momentum in your life.
Develop and strengthen your business and brand.


This four-week program will give you the clarity you seek to
get clear on your true path

On what your value is and how to blend your creativity into a business that harnesses
your unique talents and gives you an enjoyable and purposeful direction

The world needs what you have to offer - you need to create what's inside waiting to be shared.

This program will help set you up on the right path so you can take the enjoyable, sustainable business journey.

Don’t let fear, doubts or indecision stop you from following your dreams
Get the confidence you need to turn your dreams into a clear vision
and your vision into reality.

You'll set up the foundations for the creation of a business that works for you, one that you're excited to deliver every day. Where you're creating and delivering the work you truly care about. That sustains you personally, financially and emotionally.

The program includes


We kick off the program by taking a day focused on looking at your life from a new perspective.

Set in the beautiful Tamborine Mountain - only one hour from Brisbane, you will begin to re-think your approach, explore new ideas for you and your business, re-invent yourself or your business and create a way that works for you.

It’s the first and most powerful step in the Big Vision Baby Steps Program

Big Vision Baby Steps is a personal, business and brand development solution that teaches you to put what you love at the heart of what you do and create a platform to release your creativity to the world ...

Get clear on what truly makes you happy
What you care about enough to commit and deliver with conviction
How to put what you love at the heart of what you do

We all want to do what we love and create work we're proud of,
the last thing we want to do is give up, but if you set your business and brand up on the wrong foundations,
the chances are they won't be strong enough to last the distance.

I really enjoyed stepping back to work on business direction and have now a strong foundation on which to build my freedom-driven business.

Warwick Michael, Financial Planner

The perils of creating before you're clear on what you're doing

As a brand consultant, my advice is always to 'get clear before you get creative'.

The excitement of setting up something new often takes over and the temptation is to jump straight into the creative phase without really knowing what you're offering and who it's for. Here's 3 things I see ALL THE TIME with passionate business creators who just want to get there stuff out there ...

“I started walking down a path and it was narrow. My choices felt limited. Now it’s forked off in multiple directions and I can see so much more opportunity for my life, my future and I’m excited by it all”

Seb Camm. Graphic Designer

Meet Sandy Archer

Hi I'm Sandy, and I'd love to welcome you to this amazing day of exploration and fun.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people building brands… Coached people to clarity in their business and life. And I know how much passion, perseverance and persistence it takes to keep going.

There’s a lot of personal growth, tenacity, faith, courage, commitment and creativity required to get anything off the ground. And I know only too well from personal experience, that without being clear on who you are, what you're doing and who it's for, anything you try to do will be difficult and take a lot longer than it should to get off the ground.

My strength is in helping people see the bigger picture and nail down what it is they really want to focus on - pinpointing their next best steps. Let me guide you through finding that elusive clarity you crave and get you set off on the right path for you - where you're doing things YOUR WAY.

I'll help you choose the right steps that will give you the most traction. That will save your precious time and energy and direct it towards what matters most. Stop you running around in circles, get you unstuck and propel you forward.

You’ll learn precious skills that will enhance your life and ensure that you’re taking baby steps every day towards what you most want to create in your life. And I’ll be there every step of the way with a team of supporters who are all here to give you hands-on support for the whole day - and beyond!

Because I'm committed to seeing you succeed, I'm offering some ongoing coaching (for a limited time) as part of the workshop. This means anything you start at the workshop that needs a bit more thought, you will get to complete over the following three weeks with some group coaching.

I look forward to welcoming you to the stunning Tamborine Mountain, where you can get a fresh perspective on your life and your business.

Here's what we'll cover in the program

You'll have more clarity than you've ever had about how you want to live your life.

You'll be able to make clear and conscious decisions on your next steps from desire not from fear.

Be clear about your Big Why. What motivates you. What drives you. What sustains you.

You'll know how to create a life where your personal desires and business goals are aligned.


You'll be confident in your choices - knowing you're focusing on something you really care about

You'll have a new-found sense of calm with a tried and tested system to follow - a book, a map a whole journey to follow moving forward.

And you'll have continued access to the Big Vision Book Club - with all of the resources and tools at your fingertips to keep learning and moving forward with your big vision.

I had a lack of belief in my own creativity. I didn’t think I was creative at all! Now I know that I am absolutely creative, I have created so many new aspects in my life and business. Every day I feel more confident in knowing that this is the thing I am supposed to be doing and this program only re-enforces that

FAQ' s

Q. I don't have a business, is it something I can do without having a business yet?

A. Absolutely. If you have a vision, a passion, a concept, a skill that can be turned into a business, then you need a brand. Get started and your business will begin to evolve.

Q. Does it work for any kind of business?

A. Yes. If you have a business then you have a brand. I’ve worked with all types of businesses from funeral parlours to bakers, executive coaches to accountants. Any service, any product, any profession, this workshop will help you build your brand and build value into what you offer, so ultimately you can raise your profile and your prices.

Q. You keep mentioning a 'creative' business – I'm not creative

A. When I say creative, or talking about setting up a creative business - I'm not referring just to artistic types or creative professionals – although this program does work exceptionally well for those people. I'm talking about creating your own business that allows you to create your own life, rather than dishing out what life gives you. About using your talents, skills and strengths towards being creative in whatever form that means for you.

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