Soak up the details of your life – right here right now

Soak up the details of your life – right here right now. This week I’m taking the time to tune in and acknowledge what’s really important to me right now.  And that means letting go of routine, struggling and striving, for a week or two while I regroup and count my blessings!

I’ve had a great month here in the UK – It’s given me a chance to take a look at things from a higher perspective (at a distance) and my priority has been my mum. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to take quality time to enjoy and focus on what (or in this case ‘who’), is right in front of me – right here right now.

I’m always mindful of time passing when I come here because my time is limited. But that does give me a really good reason to soak everything little thing up with a photographic vision. I look at things in more detail, I’m totally present every day wherever I am, whoever I’m with because I don’t want to miss a bit. I slow down and enjoy the detail in nature. I listen more intently to my conversations. I look for more opportunities in appreciating where I am, rather than thinking about where I’d rather be. Time slows down and I get to see more, hear more, connect more. I enjoy it more and I come back with more memories. I also see and remember the good in things – I have what they call my ‘rose coloured’ glasses on – memories are shinier and prettier with those on so I try to keep them all as much as possible!

The tendency when we are with the same people every day, or in the same place, is to let those juicy details pass by without noticing them. Life sweeps us along on a tide of doing and achieving, seeking and struggling and sadly, those details get swamped in a sea of chores and mindless activities. People even become an interference rather than a joy and work becomes a necessity rather than a purposeful adventure!

I encourage you to do the same over the next week: enjoy what’s in front of you – be present for what’s here right now and let go of the need to be more, have more – just enjoy what’s here and now! Soak up the details of your life this week while you enjoy whatever you are doing this Christmas time. Sure, it may not be perfect, but it is here and it is nearly always OK. And just because someone is ‘supposedly’ going to be here next week, and the next, and the next – well maybe they won’t be. So soak it up now. Embrace what you have. Be grateful and be happy today.

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